Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh my! Its been a whileeee ;)

Hello my gorgeous ladiessss :)

How are ya'll doinnn!!?
My goodnessss, i think its been weeks since i last posted!
I apologize, i dont really have much of an excuse except for that ive been just living life, not that that means ive been doing anything exciting..hah! 
Ive been pretty bad about logging into Blogger and catching up on my reads aswell :/ but i miss it! So im startin to back track today as i "work". hah, ya right..ya'll know me much better than that!!

I cannot believe summers almost overrr, it flew by but im pretty happy about that! I hate the heat. I like warmth, but 100+ is hittin heat stroke hot for me. I despise it. you can t do crap outdoors, you dont wanna drive anywhere for fear of scorching your thighs and hands on the seat and steering wheel, etc. Its getting darker earlier and i hate that, cuz i like light, but i know that it means fall is coming and that excites me!! Eeeeeeks! Favorite season of the year HANDS DOWN! Oranges and browns, leaves, scarves, boots, Salted hot chocolate at Starbucks, rainnnn, wet shiny roads, pitter patter on the windows in the morning, pumpkin and spice candles, everywhere you go it smells like candlesss, everything has cinnoman in it now, mmmmm love FALL!

What else is newww...

I hurt my back 1 Sunday ago! It was hooooorrible! During church i just felt this horrible pain in my mid left back area, but thought i musta somehow pulled a muscle, i thought id be a trooper and just sit it through..when i was walking out of church, i walk into the sun, and all of the sudden i become paralyzed, like i seriously could. not. move! I cant breath, and start to lose my hearing. I stood there with my cousins for about 5 minutes, completely paralyzed, suffocating, and couldnt even tell them anything becaus ei couldnt open my mouth. It was the most horrible pain and experience i have everrr been through, to date. I honestly thought i was dying. I was thinking, this must be an early on heart attack, or stroke. This is what people who are drowing or beingsuffocated must feel like..I was soooo scared. I was finally able to sorta inch my way to a chair and fall back on cousisn were gonna call 911, but i told them to wait a few minutes, it got a tiny bit better and they pulled the car up to me, i got in, and we started to drive home, taking the main roads with easy access to multiple hospital ers..i made it home, and got into bed for the rest of the night. The next morning i went to a chiropractor where he did 3 xrays on me and showed me that my spine turns to the left. I had gotten a pinched nerve he thinks. That week i stayed in bed and went to chiro appts once a day, and now im going 3 times a wk for a month for adjustments..wer hoping to straighten my spine out, or it'll wear my spinal discs down and i will lose ability to move certain soooo glad the oain finally went away! it was horrible! It made me realize how grateful i am for being healthy and that this isnt chronic, like alot of people have..
Haha, i remember when he was showing me my xrays, i saw a black circle in my stomach area, i looked closer and saw it was a button. I was sooo confused, i was liek wtf, how the heck did a button get into my stomach?!!? Then i realized my jean button was metal and it xrayed too. Im an idiot.

I am in the process of shopping for a car loan!! I need to find a a good bank, with low interest, etc! I need a car STAT! So hopefully this month ill be rollin on new wheels!

on to more exciting newssss, i FINALLY got my hair did! My roots were gettin so bad i was startin to sport the Ombre look and i wasnt even going for that!! Now im back to bright blond! I went lighter this time ;)

And on to devastating news, i got a haircut. one i didnt ask for. i asked the mother to trim my ends NO MORE THAN 1 INCH, and this woman says ok honey, no problem , promise, and proceeds to CUT OFF 5 INCHES!! It used to be at my lower waist, now its at my boobs. I seriously cried all day. WTF.

Umm i have been SQUEALING from excitement ALL DAY!! Im flying out to Vegas tomorrow for a few days to see the Boyfriend! Havent seen him since May,a nd its WAY overdue!! Im sooooo excited!! You guys have no idea! Im sooo ready for the R&R, and TLC!!

Hope you ladies have a fantasticccc weekend! And sorry for being such a CRAPPY blogger! Love you! :)

ps. STAY SAFE East Coasters!!
xoxo Inna


Sophia Caris said...

Hey stranger! Miss you!

love jenny xoxo said...

Just checking on you! Where have you been?