Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Im Loving Wednesday...

First and foremost, I am LOVING my boyfriend. He has been camping in the middle of no where for the past 3.5 days with no phone reception and i HAVE, BEEN. DYING! I know im being dramatic, but seriously, this lil getaway of his ha showed me how much happiness he brings into my daily life, and how much i cannot live with out him! Fo real! I MISSSSSS HIM TERRIBLY!
Ill stop being a big baby and move on...

I am loving the ELF Spray and Mist i recently purchased! It has rapidly become a holy grail product! It really does keep my makeup in tact alllll day! Even my eyeshadows! I also think my makeup looks nicer on after i spray it, it gives it a nice clean dewy finish, not oily. And it looks fantastic in pictures! Its only $3, so im a veryyyyyyyyy happy girl!

I am loving all the BBQ shindigs going on now that its summer! Im actually attending another BBQ when i get off work for my cousins 27th birthday! What a big boy!!

I am loving that i finally officially have my new California Family Fitness gym membership squared away! Im excited to start working my butt off!

I am also loving this new concoction with dandelion root that i am drinking for the next 7 days! Its supposed to make you lose atleast 5-7 lbs in a wk of extra unnecessary water weight your body is holding onto, and i loooooove my sodium! Its only been day 1, but trust me ladiessss, i have been taking alot more ladies room breaks! Guess it really is flushing it all out! haha ;)
 Ill do a review in 7 days ladies!

Which brings me to my last love, I am loving that this Saturday ill be catching some rays on the Santa Cruz beach! I am wayyyy behind on my tanning, by the look sof me, youd think it was still December! I mean comooon, my sister who TRIES to stay pale, is darker than me :/

So thank God its Wednesday, half way through the work week, and im off to float in the wataaa for hourssss with a cold drink in my hand ;)

XOXO Inna :)


Dale said...

This post is so cute and perfect for summer, I hope he has a good camping trip but yea, that must be hard since I can barely go a day without cell service hehe. Have fun in Santa Cruz and good luck on tanning, I'm way behind too. :) I'm going to have to try that ELF spray, looks like a great product.
Thanks so much for stopping by too :)

Brittany said...

Hey girlll! Hope all has been well for you!

How did the tea bags work out? I'm dying to know :)

I think I'm back to the blogging world.. haha