Thursday, September 6, 2012

HOW THE FLIP does...

a new car get totaled at a car shop?!
Like seriously, a car gets totaled at a car shop....IRONIC MUCH?!

Ya....we're talking about MY car.
That same car that i mentioned a few posts ago...the BRAND NEW ONE!

You guys, you have no idea how much i cried yesterday when i found out. Like i seriously bawled my eyes out from noon to past midnight, im not even ashamed to say i totally cried at work too....

A little over a month ago, i got a new car, after being car-less for over a year!
I worked my little arse off for over a year saving up for it!
It was my perfect little car!
Everything i was looking for. 
Small, reliable, gas efficient, and cute!
I got it for an UNBELIEVABLE deal. I mean truly, it was a miracle! A real blessing!
It had some extremely minor work that needed to be done so i took it to a car shop as soon as i bought it...
Nevermind that they LAGGED on getting it done, it was finally finished..there was some paperwork that needed to get taken care of, and i could finally go get it in just a few days and it'd be home!! Like seriously, i haven't even driven it once...

And yesterday i find out that it got totaled! just days away from my picking it up! all perfect and finished with not a thing wrong with it! TOTALED!
Here's the story i got:

Some random guy ran into it in the parking lot in the middle of the night, totaling it.

1. What the ffffffff is my car doing in the PARKING LOT?! Im paying for it to be safe and taken care of! To sit behind the gates, in back, or in the shop. Not out int he front parking lot for any random hoodlum to vandalize it, jack it, take it apart, scratch it, smash it. etc.
2. Ive seen the parking lot. Its not even big enough to drive through, just to park. Its about the size of 4 parking spaces. How does someone drive through that teeny parking lot FAST ENOUGH to total a car?!
3. Middle of the night?! Really? The car shop is out in the middle of nowhere, like seriously, middle. of. nowhere. It doesnt make sense that some random guy would be there in the middle of the night.

ya....doesnt make any sense to me either.

It doesnt help that my family is soooo not understanding about this whole situation.
Insurance will cover it.
But you see, i wont be able to get a DEAL like i did for such a GREAT car again. I dont give a shit if insurance covers it and i get a check in the mail. I WANT MY CAR!!! AHHH! i want my car, that i had. that same one. that same deal.
and there's no way ill get it :(
Now ill have to get a car less reliable, more miles, crappier car for that same amount i got an awesome one for... :(
Wahhhhhh :(
Im so angry! Im gonna cry again.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that's awful. I'm so sorry!